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Split The Majestic


Split The Majestic by UNIT Baits

Split The Majestic from UNIT Baits guarantees high-quality hookbaits. We have matching splits with the same taste for every type of boilies. Splits are composed of boilie dough on the one hand and pop up dough on the other. As a result, the specific gravity is lower, the sphere rises slightly from the bottom and provides a visual stimulus underwater. You can use the splits perfectly as a single hook bait or as a sphere above a bed of pre-padded spheres. A jar of splits should always be in your fishing bag, it really is a versatile bait! Use the splits with:

Boilies The Majestic 5 Kilo

In addition, you can give your splits a great extra attraction by, for example, adding a baitsmoke or dip. Of course these are available in the same flavour!

1. The Majestic – Boilie dip
2. The Majestic – Boilie dip

The splits come in a handy, sealable jar.

Majestic Range

The Majestic range from UNIT Baits is based on a proven recipe. This recipe has resulted in a lot of catches for a small group of avid fishermen in the past 6 years. The base of the bait in a high fishmeal content of no less than 25%. Furthermore, the bait is provided with proven attractors such as liver powder, butyric acid, salt and scopex flavor and scopex powder.

The Majestic range of UNIT Baits can be called very complete: we have no less than 4 different diameters, namely 12, 15, 20 and 25 mm. In addition, the range has pop ups in different diameters, wafters in different diameters, split wafters, hard hookbaits, a boilie dip and even a baitsmoke.

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